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We have grown up listening to countless advises regarding the importance of water “in and for” our lives. Rightly so, survival without water is impossible. One can survive without food for days at end but even the mere thought of “water shortage” sends shivers down our spines. Often taken for granted, the importance of water is realised only in its absence. Right from basic hygiene to cooking food and hydrating oneself – water is and has been the answer.

These days, our hectic lifestyles coupled with the COVID 19 pandemic has turned our routines topsy-turvy. This is now the new normal. So many uncertainties, work from home, schools closed, apprehensions and lifestyle shifts have impacted one and all to varying degrees. One very important facet of our lives which has been impacted the most is our circadian rhythm or in layman’s terms – Sleep cycle.

Sleep is the most important activity during the course of our day which is often the most neglected. We don’t pay much attention to the quality or quantity of sleep and are more often then not compromising sleep over the mundane tasks of the day. What we all need to understand is that without proper sleep the important tasks, for which sleep is compromised, would not be performed to perfection. Sleep is that magic ingredient for making our lives more productive and happier. Lack of sleep is the worst thing we can do for ourselves and the work for which we deprive ourselves of sleep, suffers the most. What an irony, right?

Sleep deprivation to achieve work productivity while work productivity suffers for paucity of sleep is becoming a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. We need to bring sleep at the top of our agenda lest the agenda falls apart. Some people are programmed to need less sleep while others definitely need a requisite amount of sound sleep to perform at their best. Which one are you? Do you feel groggy, irritated, moody, tired, lazy all day after a bad night’s sleep? Do you find yourself constantly distracted and yawning during the day? Do you tend to keep forgetting things and suffer from a short attention span?

If the above answers are mostly yes, it’s high time you provide yourself with adequate sleep. You are doing grave injustice to your body and your quality of life if you are sleep deprived. It is time to take matters in your own hands and do something about it.

Studies have shown that people who suffer from persistent lack of sleep or chronic sleep deprivation suffer from

· Obesity

· Increased blood pressure

· Increased stress hormone levels

· Increased risk of Type 2 diabetes

· Lowering of immunity, increased susceptibility to illness

· Aches and pains in muscles

· Confusion, memory lapses or loss

· Irritability

· Temper tantrums in children

· Violent behaviour

· Depression

· Headaches

· Bags under eyes

· Yawning

· Reduced productivity and efficiency

If these reasons are not enough to compel you to act then what will? Having said that just imagine the opposite scenario, that adequate sleep would gift you with health and wellness. Nevertheless, let me spell out the umpteen benefits of proper sleep below:

· Sleep helps reduce stress and makes the day bright and your mood cheerful

· Sleep can improve your memory and cognitive skills

· Sleep can lower your blood pressure and helps keep the heart functioning at its best

· Sleep helps your body to fight back and cultivate stronger immunity – recharged

· Sleep can help you maintain your weight by maintaining hunger hormone balance

· Sleep puts you in a better mood and keeps your alert to better handle any situation at hand

· Sleep is like that magic potion which keeps one balanced, happy, attentive, intuitive, alert and in tip top shape.

Doing all this and more for us is our very own – SLEEP, which I prefer to call the “Elixir of Life”.

It is high time we start paying attention to our circadian rhythms and provide ourselves the gift of good quality sleep. Working towards this goal one would need to make some lifestyle changes as well as eating a proper diet replete with foods that promote sleep rather than disturb it.

Some nutrients vital for sleep are tryptophan, melatonin, GABA, calcium, potassium, magnesium, pyridoxine, serotonin, folate, antioxidants, vitamin D, B vitamins, zinc and copper

Some foods which contain one or many of the beneficial nutrients for sleep are mentioned below:

· Almonds.

· Warm milk.

· Kiwifruit.

· Chamomile tea.

· Walnuts.

· Tart cherries.

· Fatty fish.

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