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The COVID 19 Times - Our response

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

These are exceptional times and as they say” exceptional times require exceptional measures”, so is the current scenario all around the globe.

Covid-19 has been so far the first war like situation in my lifetime, although here our war is against a virus and to stop it from winning. We aren’t threatened by drones or air strikes but nevertheless an unseen enemy has forced us to be locked inside our homes and learn to use resources sparingly. Staying indoors causes us to be sedentary, impacting our physical wellbeing and social distancing, although for the greater good, adversely impacts our mental wellbeing.

Thus, it is vital that we take care of ourselves and those around us. Following a few simple steps would help us do just that.

Physical wellbeing: -

1. Stick to your routine and get out of bed on time. You are not on a holiday folks!

2. Not since you’ve got those extra hours at hand since there isn’t the traffic you’ve got to navigate to reach office (it is work from home, remember. Hmm), utilize this time to do some exercises. Start small but keep up the good work and progress.

3. With the domestic help away stay active doing the household chores. The cleaning is much more important now. Use a disinfecting solution to mop the floor and a spray sanitizer to sanitize the surfaces around the house like door knobs, handles, tables, work surfaces etc.

4. Breathing exercises help a great deal to both boost respiratory health as well as relax the mind, body and soul.

5. Walk around the house and open the windows to let the fresh air in.

6. Sleep at time. Don’t try catching up on Netflix late at night.

Mental wellbeing: -

1. Avoid the excessive use of the smartphone.

2. Keep WhatsApp messaging to the minimum and avoid falling prey to the unverified news floating around.

3. Avoid clouding the mind with too much news and information about COVID-19.

4. Occupy the mind with some constructive puzzles, crosswords etc to keep it agile and healthy.

5. You’ve just gotten lucky, pick up a lost hobby to kill the time at hand. It’s both healthy and fun. Build something with things at hand. Use boxes, cloths, papers etc lying around.

6. Try to relax by putting on some meditative music and meditate.

Dietary wellbeing: -

1. Please don’t make it a period to get negligent about what you eat. It is crucial that boredom doesn’t become an excuse or an urge to overeat or eat junk food.

2. Make informed choices about food by sticking to a regular home cooked meal.

3. Keep frozen veggies in the freezer for use when fresh veggies aren’t available.

4. This is no time to eat processed food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

5. Keep yourself hydrated with water, fresh lemonade, green tea, herbal teas and the likes.

6. Eat light as owing to a sedentary lifestyle, it is extremely easy to gain weight by eating fried stuff or high calorie foods.

7. Keep the use of sugar to the minimum.

8. Don’t drink tea more than what used to.

9. Avoid biscuits, bread, cold drinks etc.

10. Concentrate on grains, pulses and fresh produce (as long as you can safely procure it).

11. Midnight hunger cravings should be satisfied with milk, yogurt, fruits, dry fruits, puffed rice etc.

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