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"Be Healthy and Happy." 


Dr. Avantina Sharma Bhandari is a PhD in Nutrition with Practical Training in Clinical Nutrition from Potsdam, Germany.


She is an accomplished wellness advisor, author, motivational speaker and  academician.


She  has been associated with International Humanitarian and Health NGOs in Switzerland, USA & India. She has taught in the Department of Nutrition, City University of New York, New York, USA & Department of Nutrition, Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, India.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of health and nutrition, she offers personalized diet counselling as well as is associated with various independent institutions. Having worked in many parts of the globe her recipes cover a wide variety of cuisines. Read More >


When we talk of wellness, it has to be a 360 ° approach rather than addressing one aspect over another. It is a mindset cultivated through various contributing factors working together to blend in one. That is what we aim for you, as we guide you towards wellness of the mind, body and soul.  One needs to be Healthy and Happy at the same time. Trying to fit into a particular size due to societal pressures should be the last thing on your mind, Being accepting of yourself and loving yourself is the first step to wellness. 

We want you to be Healthy and Happy at the same time. 


The universe is a provider and if you channelize your energy towards positivity that is what the universe will provide you with open arms. Open up your hearts to the limitless possibilities the universe is here to gift you with. Each individual is unique and possesses strengths and weaknesses. Our endeavour here is to help you develop an appreciation of yourself as you embark on this wellness journey with us. 


We follow the DESS approach to wellness which is Diet, Exercise, Stress management and Sleep management. All these components work in unison to nurture you into a world of selfcare and love.  All these 4 components are interconnected and work in unison to create the perfect work-life balance and a meaningful existence. Let us all work together to live a life of happiness, abundance, prosperity and flooded with wellness.



“You are what you eat” and “Let food be thy medicine, else medicine be thy food” are appropriate in today’s context more than ever. With our evolving lifestyles, our food habits have gone for a toss. Food is miraculous as a healer. We strive to provide you with the right information and advise related to diet such that you can effectively use it to stay healthy and well.



Staying active and on your toes is an effective way to lead a fulfilling life. Movement is the way of life and leading an active lifestyle a sure shot way to good health. There are a number of benefits of exercise and each to be used in a particular condition and at a particular stage. We help you understand the nuances of exercise and motivate you towards doing what best suits you.



Stress has crept into lives of people rather surreptitiously but seems it is here to stay.

Smallest of changes develop feelings of anxiety and stress. 

We all have the power and the capacity to make our lives stress free and attract positivity around us. There are a number of ways and techniques which help you do that and that is what we aim to equip you with.



One of the most vital, yet the very often ignored aspect of wellness is sleep. Sleep is the basis of how we plan on spending our day. A good night’s sleep makes us productive and happy while a sleep deprived individual is irritable, under-productive and unhappy. We encourage and guide you towards adequate and quality sleep to lead a happy and productive life.

Transforming Lives with Personalized Nutrition Plans

Dr. Avantina provides individualized attention and nutrition counselling to help you meet your unique health goals. We offer personalized diet plans and innovative recipes from around the globe, ensuring that your meals are not only nutritious but also delicious. Trust us to guide you on your journey to optimal health. Rest assured that your data is safe with us and we never share it with any third party.


Holistic health being our objective we strive to dispel myths and counsel individuals, groups or corporate clients towards leading a healthy life by following a balanced diet coupled with physical as well as spiritual growth.

Super Health Food


Writing is my passion and I hope to bring interesting and relevant points to ponder to your table. 

The section will also feature innovative recipes to delight your taste buds at the same time nourish the body and soul. 

Food blog


Browse through our media gallery for informative and engaging videos for one and all. 




Endowed with a natural flair for writing characterized by lucidity of expression Dr. Bhandari has written many books like the  'Textbook of Food Science and technology', 'Principles of Therapeutic Nutrition and Dietetics', 'Food Product Development', 'Healthy Recipe Guide' and 'Basic Plant Pathology'.  She has also written numerous popular articles in  newspaper and magazine on wide ranging issues in addition to Nutrition. 

This recipe booklet is in loving memory of Mr. S.B. Bhandari, Mrs. Sushila Bhandari and Mrs. Sneh Singhvi. (SSS Foundation) View all books>


Healthy Diet

After joining Dr. Avantina's 1 Month Wellness Program, I felt I could follow her plan forever. The diet plan I got is feasible as it includes all normal foods prepared in less oil with portion control.


She also gave us Potato chat with a twist to be eaten sometimes. Best part about her is that she is approachable and friendly. 

I live in Japan so she provided me with a list of food items accordingly. 


I contacted Dr. Avantina to get advice on my 3 yr old kid's overall growth and development. She listened keenly and advised on his nutritional intake for acheiving a balanced diet. Her comprehensive suggestions were individualized and on target. 

Dr. Avantina is highly professional and sincere. She has in depth knowledge, also reflected in the several books she has authored and her international experience. 

I highly recommend her. 


- Swagat Bhandari

Dr. Avantina was my guide on my wellness journey. She is the best nutritionist anyone could ask for, always ready to listen to problems while providing easy solutions and lots of motivation. 

The diet she shared was very sustainable, no looking for exotic ingredients, no difficult recipes to make and very close to your regular meals. 

It also helps to get rid of tea/coffee addiction, if required.

I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart.

- Afreen

Healthy Salad
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