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Health is the greatest Wealth: One of the most important lessons of COVID-19

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Since the Coronavirus hit the world in December 2019, things have been drastically different. Situations and our way of life which were considered normal during the pre COVID 19 times have undergone a major shift and we are operating in a world of new normal(s).

Right from our eating habits to our style of working all have changed given the pandemic that has engulfed the world, causing a number of infections as well as deaths.

Over the course of these months we have realized a number of things regarding how carelessly we had been leading our lives; being irresponsible towards the environment, being wasteful in our day to day habits, insanely running after materialistic things – which were no use during the pandemic and ignoring the

One thing that was our saving grace from the scourge of this pandemic – OUR HEALTH.

None of the countless clothes, jewellery, watches, cars, gadgets etc we were investing our time and money on, came to our rescue. What became the deciding factor in infection rates and mortality rates became how healthy we were. Our immunity became our shield, not having any predisposing disease conditions gave us the winning edge. Our food habits, fitness, sleep pattern and stress levels determined whether we would be victorious over corona or succumb to it.

The World realised that the one thing that truly matters for our lives is our Sound Health!

Our shield is not the expensive countless clothes we keep buying nor is it the highly advanced gadgets that one spends their money on.
What truly matters is how much time, effort, energy and money we invest in our health – physical, mental and spiritual.

One must understand the importance of how we are on the “inside” rather than obsessing about how we look on the “outside”. It is high time we start realising the actual valuable things in our lives and prioritizing those. Let’s resolve to start investing time and money to things that truly matter and stop running after the mirages in life.

The four main pillars on which our health depends are : Diet, Exercise, Stress management and Sleep management.
This is what I call the DESS approach which I follow in my wellness counselling.

One aspect doesn’t work in isolation of another but when acted on in unison, they create a healthy symphony for our mind, body and soul.

Our world revolves around our love for food and yet oftentimes we hardly think about what we put in our mouths and what we feed our bodies. The foundations of a happy and productive life are fresh and nutritious food as part of our daily routines.

Small changes in daily food habits can have an amplified effect on our health – physical as well as mental.

  • It is extremely crucial to be mindful of our food intake and the best tip is to eat what is seasonal and what is local.

  • Avoiding foods that come in packets and are ready to eat.

  • The plate should be as colourful as possible which ensures a variety of foods with their own nutrients being supplied to the body.

  • More of whole grains, pulses, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts, oilseeds, milk and dairy products to be included in the diet.

  • Besides a proper and balanced diet, it is vital that one engages in some form of physical exercise be it cardio, running, jogging, walking, dancing or strength training or yoga. Being active has a number of health benefits and not just an important tool to maintain weight.

  • Alongside diet and exercise, the two most important components of a sound health are stress management and sleep management.

  • Keeping stress under check is an effective way to live a healthy life. Stress has been linked to a number of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, mental disorders and obesity.

  • Sleep on the other hand is like the fourth wheel of our body vehicle without which the balance of the vehicle would be hard to maintain.

  • There are a number of breathing exercises which have a beneficial effect on sleep and stress. Diet too has a major role to play for reducing stress and inducing good sleep.

Let’s gift the wealthiest gift of all, this Diwali – health – to the ones we care about and to ourselves!!!

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Dr. Avantina is an accomplished wellness advisor, author and academician. She has been associated with International Humanitarian and health NGOs in Switzerland, USA & India. She has also taught in the Department of Nutrition, City University of New York, New York, USA. With over 15 years of experience in the field of health and nutrition, she offers personalized wellness counselling based on a holistic approach of Diet, Exercise, Stress management and Sleep management. She believes in promoting “Health with Happiness” emphasizing on Physical wellness as well as Mental wellness. She has written many books already and a few new ones are in the pipeline this year in the area of health, food and nutrition.

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