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Immunity Boosting recipes

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Immunity Boosting Recipes

With the days of the lockdown extended but relaxed in a phased manner and increasing number of COVID positive cases, it is imperative that we work on our infection fighting ability to fight off the corona virus if and when faced with it. Keeping ourselves adequately nourished, both the mind and the body, would hugely benefit us.

With limited access to domestic help we are increasingly spending more time in the kitchen. So why not make this time an enjoyable family time and whip up nutritious dishes. Without fuming and fretting about it let’s make the best out of the lockdown and work on modifying our lifestyle.

By including certain nutrients in our diets, we can effectively make ourselves ready to, just in case, face the Corona virus. Studies have shown that the following nutrients help in boosting our immunity:

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin A





Below I have penned down a few recipes with immunity boosting ingredients to help us sail through this time nutritiously.

Some Healthy immunity boosting recipes

Moong dal crepes (chilla) with grated paneer stuffing

Mixed fruit salad with lemon and cumin

Dal chawal with kachumber salad

Boiled potato butter mash with spring onion and salt pepper

Vegetable kichadi

Vegetable dalia

Saffron almond oatmeal

Roti fajita with mint chutney

Mint lemonade with honey

Amla stir fry with turmeric

The recipe guide has numerous recipes with immunity boosting ingredients. Click the book to purchase the ebook edition to enjoy and savour the goodness.

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