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Nip Hypertension in the Bud

These days the diagnosis of hypertension has become as common as the common cold. The reasons are partially the fast paced lifestyles of the modern times as well as the dietary shifts.

Fresh, real, unprocessed, home-cooked foods have been replaced by packaged, convenience, preservative infested take out foods. It becomes increasingly difficult to control the amount of salt ingested in the latter case. This is one of the main contributors towards elevated blood pressure of hypertension in people, alarmingly observed in youngsters.

The age thresholds for hypertension diagnosis is shrinking and people as young as 20 + are hypertensive. Stress is also a leading cause of hypertension. Therefore in order to control hypertension, the best bet is to nip it in the Bud.

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Dietary modifications would include

  1. Reduction of visible salt, packaged foods, pickles, papads, namkeens, biscuits, breads, bakery products etc.

  2. Reduction in use of table salt

  3. Avoid over seasoning of foods

  4. Use of natural foods and flavours

  5. Alternate cooking methods like roasting, boiling etc to bring out the natural flavours

Visit my Youtube channel to watch a video addressing the hidden salt in our diets.

It requires a comprehensive approach and holistic treatment. Do reach out to us if you would like diet consultation regarding hypertension. Write to us at

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