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# Stress Fasting

I am sure you all have heard about and followed a number of #fasts - be it for religious reasons or #dietary reasons. There is no dearth of fasts and numerous followers of these fasts. The difference between those fasts and the ones I am going to talk about in this article is the component of Universality.

Religious fasts are largely restricted to the followers of that particular faith while dietary fasts are followed when one has a particular #disease or #lifestyle condition to address.

Stress fasting, as a phenomenon is needed and essential for us all in order to lead #happy, healthy, contended lives. #Stress has become a #pandemic and is affecting people globally. This is worrisome as stress impairs our work efficiency, family life, peace of mind, health and wellbeing. It is an evil that plagues one and all and does not discriminate on any basis. It affects one and all.

I encourage us all to take a break from Stress and follow #stressfasting for a day per week. It would do wonders for our health and the happiness of those around us. I chose Sunday since these days it is best day to follow the stress fast.

Contact us if you need support in doing this. We will be happy to assist.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Stressfree

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