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Why are we turning #Nocturnal and destroying #sleep

It is a well known understanding that "We sleep at night and remain awake during the day". Following the sun's cycle of waking up and setting was what prompted us to wake up and go to #sleep.

This is the #natural rhythm our bodies follow and this is our natural #circadian cycle.

We have grown up to follow this rhythm diligently and barring a few nights, which I can count on my fingertips, have I not followed it.

Surprisingly these days, the people who follow this natural circadian rhythm have turned into a minority while the topsy-turvy trend is fast catching up.

There is a strong scientific basis to this theory which is the #energy levels, #metabolic levels and #digestive fires slowly wane away as the day progresses. Thus, to utilize the body and mind to its maximum potential the day is the best whilst night time is meant to sleep, recharge and rejuvenate for the days ahead.

Owing to the newly adopted lifestyles, partially which is our own doing while partially due to the #COVID 19 pandemic; our routines have gone for a toss. Barring the fee professionals whose #career routines are #predominantly nocturnal, I don't see a reason for the most of us to follow that routine.

It is for our own good that we try to come back to the good old days routine and try tips and tricks to sleep well at night.

Sleep is extremely important and without it the best of us remain irritable, groggy with under utilized potential and wasted. It is vital for flushing out #toxins from the body, #cognitive development, #memory retention, avoiding #mood swings, avoiding #depression, remaining #happy, active and #productive.

I don't see a reason where we should not invest in a good night's sleep and reclaim our lost circadian rhythms to stay mentally and physically healthy.

I am starting Personalized #Guidance #Whatsapp groups for this purpose also. Message me if you are interested in "Taking back your share of sleep".

Professional Charges apply.

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